M12 Remote Control Gate Opener Remote

How to Use a M12 Remote to Control Two Sliding Gate Openers

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TOPENS offers a seamless solution for automatic gate opening with its M12 Remote Control Transmitter. This powerful four-button wireless controller boasts universal compatibility with all TOPENS gate openers. It not only provides instant access to your property, but also offers advanced security - with its proprietary code technology - that effectively prevents any unauthorized entry attempts. One of the most notable features of the M12 is its ability to control multiple gate openers with a single remote, either separately or simultaneously within a manageable range.

M12 Remote Control Gate Opener Remote

Should you opt to operate two TOPENS sliding gate openers via an M12 remote, the process remains straightforward and highly adaptable.

Separate Operation:

If you intend to operate the two sliding gate openers separately, the initial step is to program button A with gate opener #1. At the same time, button B can be assigned to midway mode, allowing the gates to be partially opened for a quick pass. Next, install an additional TOPENS ERM12 gate remote receiver (sold separately) on the control board of gate opener #2. Upon connection, program button C/D to the receiver of gate opener #2 for standard operation, without midway mode.

Simultaneous Operation:

If you prefer to operate two sliding gate openers concurrently, you can program button A of the M12 remote to the control boards of both gate openers independently. Button B is designated for midway mode.
It is advisable to add an extra ERM12 receiver to each of the gate openers to ensure synchronization in this case. Program button C of the remote to the receiver of gate opener #1 and button D to the receiver of gate opener #2. In case you press A, but one gate opener fails to respond at that time (implying it does not receive the signal from the remote), you can trigger the corresponding button to operate the gate promptly.

M12 Remote Control Sliding Gate Simultaneous Operation

Operation of Third-Party Sliding Gate Openers:

For individuals who possess sliding gate openers from other manufacturers but accept a "Normally Open Dry Contact" signal for the push button, you can still take advantage of the M12 remote. By integrating an individual TOPENS ERM12 receiver into each gate opener, you can achieve a versatile and compatible solution for diverse sliding gate opener systems. Program the remote with each receiver, and you will manage the opener smoothly and efficiently.


  • The ERM12 receiver operates on a 9-24 VDC, either from the control board or an external power supply.
  • When using a single remote for managing two sliding gate openers, it is essential to bear in mind that button B is exclusively for midway mode.
  • Button C/D of the M12 remote can only be programmed to the sliding gate opener successfully with an ERM12 receiver.

TOPENS M12 remote control transmitter offers a tailored and handy option to operate your gate openers. Regardless of whether you own various TOPENS gate openers or models from alternative manufacturers, the M12 remote will provide a viable resolution for your centralized control.

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