Extra TOPENS M12 remote control is available at:

Please refer to the “How to Program the Remote to the Opener” section of the user manual of the gate opener.

Please exchange the wiring of the two arms on the control board. If the faulty arm works well and the other good arm starts to have problems, the control board is defective.
On the contrary, if the faulty arm still has a problem, the problem is from the motor or the limit switch.
In this case, please connect the black & red wire of the arm directly to the 24V fully-charged batteries or your AC/DC power supply. Then switch the polarity of the wires. If the arm could extend and retract, the motor is good and the limit switch is defective. Please contact our tech support team (support@topens.com) for warranty service.

Because your gate is solid, the strong wind will increase a lot resistance during gate moving, and the gate may think it hits an obstruction. It may stop or reverse. Kindly note that it does not mean that the gate opener is defective. The gate opener can still function properly when it is less windy.
You could increase the stall force and decrease the soft stop period, then try again. A heavy duty gate opener may perform better in your case.

  • Please check the Push-to-Open and Pull-to-Open logic of the gate.
  • Please remove all accessories (such as the ET24 electric lock and TC102 photocell) and try again.
  • Please erase all remotes and re-program them to the circuit board.
  • Otherwise the circuit board is defective.
  • A8 has an adapter, and you need to purchase additional batteries to power the system.
  • Coming with UPS01 uninterrupted power supply, the A8131 gate opener can be powered by AC 100-240V electricity directly. It is also allowed to use extra 24V 12Ah Automotive / Marine type battery (Battery is NOT included) and 24V 20W solar panels (NOT included) as back-up or main power source.
  • For A8, if you want to use AC power to avoid using batteries, you could purchase a DPS180-U or UPS01 AC/DC power supply. In case you would like to try our solar kit in the future, or want to use the batteries as a backup, UPS01 the second generation AC/DC power supply can fulfill your needs.

Release the clutch with the release key and put the actuator in the middle position. And then turn back the clutch and try again.
If in this case, the opener could move, and then slide the outer limit switch inward slightly and fix it.
If the opener still does not work, the problem might be from the clutch or the motor. You need to contact tech support (support@topens.com).

There are several conditions if you want to connect a magnetic lock to your system:

  • You need to use DPS180-U or UPS01 power supply to power the system, don't use solar and batteries.
  • Make sure you use a 24V magnetic lock.
  • You also need to purchase a 24V relay, with NO, NC contacts and contact capacity greater than 3A.

A 24V battery (or 2*12V batteries can be connected in series for 24V) can be used. Marine or Automotive type battery is compatible. And the battery should be waterproof type, or be placed in waterproof circumstance.

Please take the black front mount (ear shaped) off from the gate bracket. Use the release key to engage the clutch and manually rotate clockwise and push the Front Mount inwards. When the arm is pushed to the middle position (half retracted), press the remote to see if the arm moves properly.
If the arm moves properly in this case, then use a screwdriver to loosen the screw of outer limit switch, slide the limit switch a little inward, and then tighten the screw.

You could unplug the terminal from the board and use a screwdriver to loosen the screw. Then plug the wire into the terminal and then tighten the screw. Put back the terminal into the control board. You could refer to the installation video on our website for this information.


Please contact us at support@topens.com and send us a photo of the cracked cover. Our professional technical support team will reply your email within 24 hours.

If you want to operate the two sliding gate opener separately, you can program the button A of the M12 remote to the circuit board of gate opener #1, then the button A can be used to operate the gate opener #1, and button B can be used to operate the midway mode of the gate opener #1. If you enable this midway function. Button B is designed to realize midway function.
Then you can connect the ERM12 to gate opener #2, learn the button C with the ERM12. Then you can use button C to operate the gate opener #2. Please be informed that there will be no midway mode for the gate opener #2.

  • Check if the photocell beam is blocked.
  • Disconnect the wired accessories (especially photocell) and try again.
  • Check the limit switch.

Ensure the setting for “Left Open” or “Right Open” on the control board is correct according to your gate.

  • Check whether HALL sensor board is broken or loose.
  • Test whether the output voltage of the batteries is always more than DC 22V when the opener is running
  • Power off the system to increase the close stall force and decrease the soft stop period of the motor.
  • Check the installation of the magnets.

Max. 8 remotes can be programmed to the opener. ERM12 External Receiver (optional) allows up to 250pcs remotes to be programmed with the opener.

Yes, you could refer to the user manual to enable this midway function.

1. check if the clutch is engaged correctly.
2. disengage the clutch of the gate opener and manually push & pull the gate, see whether gate moves smoothly. If gate gets stuck, please check the installation of the gate, the opener and the track. Then leave the clutch disengaged and press the remote to operate, check if the motor runs toward two directions continuously and if the gear of the motor will move.
3. If the clutch can NOT be released and engaged freely, please remove the gate opener from the gate and use the release key to unlock and lock the clutch of the motor, then try it again. If the problem is still there, please contact tech support (support@topens.com).


It is normal to have a flashing "H". When you connect the CASAR800 to the power supply, the Digital Display flashes with "H" and the LED light is on. It means the unit is in the standby mode. In other words, the flashing “H” is a normal function even though it happens throughout the time the unit is plugged in.

You could purchase an E14, 15W/230V screw bulb for your CASAR800 gate opener.

A. Please use a multi-meter to check if the opener gets electric power from the AC outlet. Please also check if the digital display is on when you connect the opener to the power source. If the digital display is not on, please check the fuse, if it has blown, please replace the fuse if necessary. There is a backup fuse packed within the user manual pack.
B. If the digital display is on, please re-set the Open Limit and Close Limit and try again.
C. Please erase all remotes and re-learn the remotes, then try again.
D. Please use a wire to instantaneously short the terminals 1 and 2. (Please use a wire to short the two terminals, then quickly remove the wire from the terminals) Please check if the opener starts to operate and if there is sound coming from the motor. If the gate opener does not move, the circuit board is likely to be defective.

If the door is the only access to your garage, you could add an Emergency Release Lock to your garage door, and attach it with the garage door opener. Thus, you could manually release the clutch of this gate opener and open the garage door in case of power failure.


Please check the Push-to-Open and Pull-to-Open logic of the gate.

A. Check if the power led of TRF3 is ON. If the power led is OFF, please check if the wires of the power source has been properly connected.
B. When something is blocking the photo beam, can you hear a clicking sound from the photocells? If the clicking sound is never heard, the photocell might be defective.
C. If you can hear the clicking sound when photo beam is blocked, please check if the photocell setting on the control board is enabled.
D. If the wire connection is fine and you can hear the “clicking” sound from the relay, but still the gate cannot be stopped, the control board of the gate opener might be defective and needs to be replaced.

It is normal. When you move the TEW3 Exit Wand, it sends out a signal to open the gate, because there is the movement of cutting the geomagnetic field.

The operation range of TOPENS M12 remote controls is 65 feet (20m). You can stretch the antenna on the control board out fully to see if it helps.
You could also replace the black antenna of the control board with a high power antenna with 433MHz.

  • Check if the battery is exhausted.
  • Re-learn the keypad near the control board.
  • The distance is too far to use the keypad. The distance between the keypad and control box should not exceed meters.
  • Make sure the gate close tightly.
  • Check the installation of the lock and
    ensure the lock tongue does not touch the pin of the lock receiver.
  • Power off the opener system and decrease
    the soft stop period to minimum.

1. If the indicator light of remote control is not on, check the battery in your remote control. Replace the battery as necessary.

2. The distance you use the remote is too far away from the opener. Try it again closer.

3. Erase remote controls and then re-program the codes to try again.

There is advanced TOPENS code built in for security reason. Only TOPENS authorized wireless accessories are allowed to use.

Press "PIN" and 888888, then press and release the Learn button in receiver, the LED light will be ON, then press the "OK" on the keypad. Every step for pressing button during program must be finished within 1 second to ensure success.

Re-learn the keypad according to the manual. The entry code would be “888888” if the keypad has been learnt successfully.

1. Please first power off the camera, wait for a few minutes, then power on and set everything from beginning.
2. Make sure the antenna of the TC186 kit is vertically installed, and that the Wi-Fi signal is strong in the area. Move the camera closer to the router if necessary and make sure you use 2.4GHz WiFi Network.
3. Ensure there is stable WiFi network available for your phone, and that the WiFi camera and the phone have been accessed into the WiFi network before configuring. And also remember NOT to turn off the mobile data network.
4. Make sure to input the right the WiFi name and password.
5. Please make sure that the App is authorized to access the location information.
6. Please make sure your cellphone has the latest version of IOS or Android system depending on your phone. You can also try a different cellphone to see if it helps.
7 Uninstall the APP, re-download it, and then try to reconfigure the camera again.



125KHz EM or ID card/tag (not incl.)


For warranty, please contact us via our Service Email: support@topens.com. Be sure to provide the Product Model, Date & Site Purchased and Order #. Any pictures or videos to show the working condition and wire connection of the opener system will be helpful. Our customer support specialists will reply you and offer the most professional help within 24 hours. We at TOPENS are always standing by and ready to help.


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