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How to Troubleshoot Your TOPENS Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand

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Vehicle Sensor Car Detector

TOPENS Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand is a critical component designed to detect vehicles as they approach or exit a property. It enhances the functionality and convenience of automatic gate systems, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for property owners. If you encounter issues with the wand's performance, this troubleshooting guide will assist you in identifying and resolving common concerns.

If the vehicle cannot be sensed by the wand or is detected but the gate fails to open:
1. Check the wiring: Verify that the exit wand wires are properly connected to the corresponding ports on the control board.
2. Measure the voltage output of the control board's auxiliary output port to check whether the voltage supplied to the wand falls within the normal range.
3. Power off the gate opener, connect the Range Adjustment Board (if not previously connected), and increase sensitivity by turning the sensitivity board clockwise. If there is no response, disconnect the Range Adjustment Board and short-circuit the Yellow and Green wires of the exit wand to maximize sensitivity (i.e., connect the Yellow and Green wires to the negative terminal of the power supply on the control board).
4. Quickly short-circuit the terminals designated for gate opening on the control board to check whether the control board is working correctly.
5. Examine the wand for any damage or signs of water leaking at the interface. Additionally, hold a metal object close to the wand, shake it, and listen whether the wand clicks. If no sound is heard, it indicates a problem with the wand.

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If the gate opens randomly or fails to close:
1. Decrease sensitivity by turning the Range Adjustment Board counterclockwise. If this doesn’t work, try removing the sensitivity board.
2. Make sure the exit wand is installed away from any power lines. Turn off the power, then turn it back on and set the auto-close time to 5 seconds, and test again.
3. Consider burying the exit wand slightly deeper or relocating it to another position. Installing the wand too close to the gate may result in random opening and closing of the gate.


  • The exit wand may be triggered by a strong magnetic field or by objects such as lawnmowers, tools, coins, or other metal objects if the sensitivity is set too high.
  • Typically, place the wand 25 to 100 feet away from the gate, burying it 2 inches deep from the ground and 8 inches from the driveway edge.
Vehicle Sensor Car Detector

Proper troubleshooting of your TOPENS Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand can often resolve common issues related to cable connections, sensitivity adjustments, and positioning. Following these steps ensures that your gate system operates seamlessly, providing the security and convenience you expect.

Vehicle Sensor Car Detector

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