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Exploring TOPENS Control Accessories for Effortless Gate Operation

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As a leading brand in the gate automation industry, TOPENS not only offers an extensive selection of gate openers but also presents a diverse range of accessories designed to elevate the overall functionality and convenience of our gate opening mechanisms. Today, we will delve into the selection of gate control accessories offered by TOPENS, providing a detailed exploration of their features and benefits.
Control Accessories Gate Opener

1. TC196 WiFi Remote Control
This gate opener App introduces smartphone compatibility to your gate opening experience. Using a smartphone app, you can conveniently activate your gate opener from anywhere and at any time, delivering a high level of accessibility that redefines convenience.

2. M12 Remote Control Transmitter
This gate opener remote utilizes advanced TOPENS security coding technology. Compact yet powerful, the M12 remote can control multiple gate operators concurrently or separately within its manageable range, maximizing operational efficiency.

3. ERM12 External Receiver
This gate remote control receiver effectively establishes a reliable and secure connection between the gate opener and remote control devices. It can be programmed with up to 250 TOPENS wireless devices and can also be used to extend the operating range of TOPENS wireless control accessories. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates TOPENS wireless accessories with most third-party gate operators whose control board accepts the "Normal Open Dry Contact" signal for the push button.

4. TC188 Universal Keypad
This automatic gate keypad blends security with user-friendliness, offering keyless operation with a numeric keypad layout. With its flexible connection modes - wired or wireless - the TC188 can adapt to different monitoring preferences. You can set a temporary password for guests/deliverymen to access your gate opener system, bringing high convenience for controlled access.

5. TKP3 Wireless Keypad
This gate opener keypad provides a straightforward approach to gate access without carrying a key. Unlock your gate by entering a user-defined password, easily preventing unwanted entry and ensuring multiple protection & safety.

6. TC175P Wired Keypad
The gate keypad is a smart access control keypad with contactless RFID transponder technology. You can simply enter a short password or tap the card (NOT Incl.) to open the gate. This wired keypad offers a reliable and customized approach to gate control.

7. TC148 Waterproof Wall Push Button
This waterproof push button switch is designed for outdoor use, commonly used in locations where access control is essential. Weatherproof and easy to use, it provides a simple wired solution to open and close your gate in all weather conditions.

8. TC147 Wall Push Button
This wall push button is a non-waterproof release switch designed to provide a handy way to open and close the gate with a simple press. Great for your family to access!

9. TC173 Wireless Push Button
This wireless push button switch accomplishes gate control with sheer simplicity. Whether mounted on a clean, solid & flat surface or conveniently clipped onto a car sun visor, its easy-to-use button remotely triggers the gate, radically enhancing convenience during daily routine.

10. TEW3 Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand
This automatic gate sensor opens the gate upon detection of an approaching car. Perfect for your family and friends to go out without a remote or keypad, and enjoy a wireless "Hands Free" exit from your property, streamlining the exit process.

11. HLR01 HomeLink Remote Control Kit
This homelink receiver effortlessly connects your gate system to your car's HomeLink system, ensuring smooth integration and maximum accessibility for vehicles equipped with HomeLink technology. After programming, simply press the HomeLink button for instant access to your property.
Gate Remote Control Vehicle SensorTOPENS offers a comprehensive selection of control accessories, ensuring that you have the right tools to manage your gate opener efficiently and securely. Whether you prioritize remote control, keypad access, or automated operation, TOPENS has you covered.

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