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How to Tell the Difference Between Pull-to-Open and Push-to-Open Installation Modes of TOPENS Swing Gate Opener

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TOPENS automatic swing gate openers are highly regarded for their adaptability and efficiency. They offer two alternative installation options: Pull-to-Open and Push-to-Open, meeting different installation requirements. This guide aims to explain the differences between the two modes, focusing on mounting details, DIP Switch settings or arm wiring dissimilarities, and safety considerations.

1. Key Installation Differences

Pull-to-Open Mode:

In this mode, the gate opens inward, perfectly suitable for scenarios where adequate internal clearance is available or when the gate should avoid encroaching on accessible areas. To achieve this configuration, a dedicated Pull-to-Open Bracket (Included in the package) is required. During setup, ensure that the gate opener is completely retracted and the gate is fully open.

Pull-to-Open Installation Swing Gate Opener

Push-to-Open Mode:

Conversely, Push-to-Open installation mode involves the gate swinging outward, away from your property, minimizing interference with the interior space. For this procedure, use a Push-to-Open Bracket (Included in the package) instead. Ensure that the opener is completely retracted and the gate is fully closed during setup.

Push-to-Open Installation Swing Gate Opener

2. DIP Switch Setting and Arm Wiring

Upon installing the opener, confirm that its settings or wiring align with your chosen installation mode. For most TOPENS swing gate openers, you will find a DIP Switch on the control board dedicated to selecting the Pull/Push-to-Open mode. If your gate opens into the property (pull to open), set the DIP Switch to OFF (the factory default setting). If your gate swings away from the property (push to open), the switch must be set to the ON position.

Certain models, such as TOPENS AT1202, AT602, KD902, KD702, exhibit dissimilarities in arm wiring for the two modes. Refer to the respective user manual for accurate arm wiring instructions in both Pull-to-Open and Push-to-Open modes.

3. Safety Considerations

Both modes prioritize safety. However, the correct choice should align with the unique design and operational demands of individual property layouts. Pull-to-Open mode restricts the gate's movement into public areas, enhancing safety for outside individuals and vehicles. Push-to-Open mode, on the other hand, ensures safe operation by launching the gate away from the property, reducing potential accidents inside.

Swing Gate Opener Topens

By understanding the above points, customers can opt for the most suitable installation mode, considering both safety and functionality. TOPENS swing gate operators provide flexibility to accommodate different preferences while upholding optimal safety standards.

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