troubleshooting of the limits

How to Do Troubleshooting of the Limits

If you want the gate opener to work longer, routine maintenance is essential. And when it comes to the machinery’s abnormal operation, knowing some basic information about the troubleshooting can be much helpful. Once you have trouble operating your gate opener, there may be a number of reasons why. One of these reasons is the limit. Here are a few tips on troubleshooting of limits.

TOPENS offers various types of automatic gate openers, including swing gate openers, sliding gate openers and garage door opener. Each type has its own checking methods.

Swing Gate Openers

  • If the swing gate motor does not work, you can use two wires to short the terminals DLMT, COM and ULMT on the control board (corresponding to the blue, green and yellow wires of the arm) (Refer to the actual port and color corresponding to the specific machine) to test whether the arm moves when pressing the remote control. If in this case the arm can move normally, the problem is the magnetic limit switch.

troubleshooting of the limits

  • If the gate opener works, due to the limit failure causing the gate to open or close excessively and thus encounter obstacles. In this case, remove the arm from the gate and press the remote control to make the arm move, then observe whether the arm continues to move after reaching the limit during its extension or retraction. If the near-end limit (Limit Switch A) fails, the front mount and arm will be angled rather than in a horizontal state, which appears to be twisted. If the far-end limit (Limit Switch B) fails, the arm will continue to extend and then idling.

Sliding Gate Openers
For the sliding gate opener, it can be classified into two groups, whose troubleshooting of the limit is different.

1. For most models (all TOPENS sliding gate openers except RK990T, CK1200, RK1200T, CK2600, RK2600T)

  • If the gate opener does not work, remove the wire connection of the limit switch that is connected to terminals 3#, 4#, 5# or 8# 9#, 10# (Refer to the actual port and color corresponding to the specific machine) of the control board, and then use two jumper wires to short the 3 terminals together. Press the remote to operate the gate opener. The limit switch is defective if the motor can run in both directions.

troubleshooting of the limits


troubleshooting of the limits

  • If the gate opener works while the limit fails

a. Disengage the clutch of the gate opener. Remove the N magnet (Here it is assumed that the N magnet is invalid) from the gate, press the remote to operate the motor, and then manually move the magnet closer to or away from the limit to see if the motor stops (perhaps there is a little delay, and it only stops the motor in one direction). If yes, the limit switch should be fine. The question is from the installation of the magnet. Try to adjust the position of the magnet (mount it closer or further to the limit switch) and see if it works.

b. If the motor still does not stop running when manually moving the magnet closer to or away from the limit, please unscrew the limit switch from the opener, then bring the limit switch away from the motor (in case it's the motor interference) and test it again as the above method. If the N magnet can be detected by the limit switch (motor stops running) in this case, the problem is from motor interference. It is suggested to install a small iron plate between the limit switch and the motor.

c. If the N magnet still can NOT be detected when the limit switch is away from the motor, this limit switch should be faulty.

2. For RK990T, CK1200, RK1200T, CK2600, RK2600T these five sliding gate openers

  • If the gate opener does not work, take off the wires of the limit switch and press the remote. If the opener can work normally, the problem is the limit switch.

troubleshooting of the limits

  • If the gate opener works, while the limit fails, observe the indicator light on the control board. When the limit normally senses the magnet, the corresponding indicator light (UP / DN) on the control board will light up. If it does not light up, the limit fails.

CASAR800 Garage Door Opener
You can check the limit by resetting it.

  • If the motor does not rotate during reset, check whether the control board relay rattles. If yes, it must be the motor fault; if not, then it should be the control panel fault.
  • If the motor rotates, but intermittently, then the motor hall board or control board is broken.

Regularly check whether the opening and closing positions of the gate change, whether the limit is accurate and reliable, the door is well balanced, and make adjustments in time, can keep the gate opener in the best working state. In case the gate opener fails, do simple troubleshooting yourself or ask TOPENS tech support for help. Once you address it, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

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