Homelink Remote Control Kit

Simplified Gate Access: Programming Your HomeLink Button for Effortless Control

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For hassle-free gate access, TOPENS presents the HLR01 HomeLink Remote Control Kit, seamlessly integrated with your vehicle's built-in HomeLink system. This premium solution not only ensures safe gate operation but also eliminates the need for separate remote controls, providing unparalleled convenience. With just a press of the HomeLink button, instant access to your property is at your fingertips.

HomeLink Remote Control Kit

Easy Programming Steps:

  1. Begin by turning off the power supply to your automatic gate opener. Please note that the HLR01 Remote Control Transmitter (included in the package) comes pre-programmed with the HLR01 HomeLink Receiver. Failure to power off the opener may result in unintended gate movement during the HomeLink programming process.
  2. Connect the HLR01 Receiver to your gate/door opener.
  3. Reset all codes, even if your vehicle is brand new, to ensure a clean slate for programming the new button.
  4. Select the HomeLink button you want to program. Press and hold it for approximately 20 seconds until the status light indicates it's entering programming mode.
  5. While continuing to hold the HomeLink button, position the HLR01 Remote Control 2~5 inches away from HomeLink.
  6. Press and hold the button on the remote.
  7. Keep both buttons held until the status light confirms successful programming.
  8. Release both buttons. HomeLink should now be programmed to operate the gate/door opener.
  9. Turn on the power and conduct a test. Once successfully programmed, each press of the HomeLink button should smoothly control the gate, allowing it to operate seamlessly between open-stop-close-stop-open.
Homelink Remote Control Kit

Additional Notes:

  • Verify that the HomeLink system in your vehicle supports the replication of the EV1527 (315MHz) remote control code.
  • The HLR01 Receiver is not waterproof. Please ensure it is placed in a waterproof circumstance for optimal performance over time.
  • The Receiver can be powered by either the control board of the gate/door opener or an external 12-24VDC power source.
  • The maximum control range is 50ft.(15m). You can try to stretch the antenna out of the Receiver to extend the control range if possible.
  • The Receiver can be connected to the gate/door opener system via either PORT 1 or PORT 2 on its control board. Remote control button A is designated for controlling PORT 1, while button B is dedicated to PORT 2. With its code-copying technology, the remote control can pair with multiple vehicles, enabling several vehicles to operate a same gate/door opener. Additionally, it can autonomously control the gate operation.
  • The Receiver is compatible with all TOPENS gate openers and most third-party gate openers or garage door openers whose control boards accept the "Normal Open Dry Contact" signal for the push button.

With the HLR01 HomeLink Remote Control Kit, TOPENS ensures that programming your HomeLink button is a straightforward process, offering a new level of convenience in managing your gate access.

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