Garage Door Emergency Release Kit

How to Open Your Garage Door During Power Outages

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Power outages can strike unexpectedly, leaving you in a situation where you need to access your garage without electricity. This scenario becomes even trickier if your garage lacks a side access door. Thankfully, with the Emergency Release Kit, you can manually open your garage door from the outside with ease. In this guide, we will explore the significance of such a kit, its functionality, the straightforward installation process, and how to effectively use it.

Garage Door Emergency Release Kit
Understanding the Emergency Release Kit

The emergency release kit is a safety feature compatible with standard garage doors and garage door openers. It provides exterior access to your garage in situations where there is a power failure and no other means of entry are available. Acting as a manual override mechanism, it allows you to disengage the automatic opener and manually operate the garage door during power outages or opener malfunctions.

How It Works?

The lock mechanism is installed into a hole on the garage door, with the cable connected to the lever where the Manual Release Rope is attached. When the key is turned, the lock body can be pulled through the door, bringing the cable along. A sharp pull of the cable disengages the trolley, allowing you to lift the door manually.

Installation Process

Before beginning installation, verify that the trolley aligns with the hole on the rail when the door is fully closed.

Garage Door Opener Emergency Release Kit

Installing an Emergency Release Kit is simple and guarantees readiness for unforeseen power interruptions. Here’s how:

  1. Confirm that the garage door is completely closed before starting the installation.
  2. Identify the optimal mounting location for the lock assembly, typically positioned approximately halfway between the top and bottom of the garage door and directly beneath the door opener trolley release mechanism.
Garage Door Emergency Release Kit

Ensure the length of the lock cable is sufficient to connect to the garage door opener trolley.

  1. Drill a hole through the garage door at the chosen location for the lock assembly.
  2. Insert the lock assembly and mark the locations for mounting bolt holes. Drill holes accordingly.
  3. Securely fasten the lock with bolts, washers and nuts.
  4. Attach the cable to the lever where the manual release rope is connected and adjust the length as needed.
Garage Door Opener Emergency Release Kit
  1. Close the door to test the mechanism after completing the installation.
How to Use It?

Insert the key and twist it to remove the inner lock assembly. Pull out the cable to release the clutch of the garage door opener, and manually lift the door by gripping the handle or edges. Make sure you fully open the garage door to prevent it from falling back down.

Garage Door Emergency Release Kit

Investing in and understanding your emergency release kit is essential for continued access to your garage during power outages. By following these simple steps for installation and use, you will be well-prepared to handle emergency situations with ease, ensuring the seamless operation of your garage door when it is most needed.

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