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Have a real safe harbour and guard!

Hi, baby, are you tiring of opening your heavy gate by yourself? Are you exhausted of shouting to your husband or adolescent boys who indulge in man cave and video games to open the gate for you again?

Come on, choose TOPENS CK1200 gate opener kit ! It’s time to have a real safe harbour and guard to open your sliding gate for you. Featuring a STRONG 3/4 HP AC motor with greater start force and pulling force, TOPENS CK1200 Sliding Gate Opener is designed for heavy duty sliding gates up to a maximum of 3400 lbs. in weight and 40ft. in length, bringing a superior performance.

You know what's even more exciting about this muscle machine? Go--do not hesitate, add this steady and reliable CK1200 gate opener kit to your cart and take it home!


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