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How to Keep Your Gate Open with Auto-Close Function Enabled

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TOPENS automatic gate openers bring a new level of convenience to property access. In case you forget to close the gate, it is necessary to enable the auto-close function of your opener. Sometimes, however, considerable time may be required for uninterrupted passage. How to keep your gate open for extended periods, even with auto-close function enabled? In this guide, we'll delve into two detailed ways to achieve this flexibility.

1. Using Photocells:

Connect a compatible photocell, such as the TC102 infrared gate sensor or TRF3 retro reflective sensor, with your TOPENS gate opener system. Use an obstacle to block the photocell's beam when you want to keep the gate open. This brief interruption will disconnect the sensor, signaling the gate to remain open.

Photo Eye Sensor Tc102 Topens

2. Switching Control without Photocells:

In cases where you prefer not to use photocells, an alternative method involves connecting a self-locking switch directly to the photocell terminals on your gate opener's control board.

If your gate opener is compatible with the "Normal Closed Dry Contact" signal for photocells, connect the "NC/COM" terminals of the self-locking switch to the photocell terminals on the control board; If your gate opener accepts the "Normal Open Dry Contact" signal for photocells (such as TOPENS RK990T, RK1200T, CK1200), connect the "NO/COM" terminals of the switch instead.

Switching the contact controls whether the auto-close function is enabled or disabled. You can temporarily disable the auto-close function by turning the switch on/off, and then press the switch again to resume normal gate operation.

Photo Eye Sensor Topens Self-locking Switch

Considerations for Both Methods:


  • Compatibility Check:

Ensure that the chosen photocell sensor/switch meets the specifications and compatibility requirements of your gate opener model.

  • Testing and Adjustment:

Test the configured settings to ensure proper functionality. Make any necessary adjustments to switch operation or wiring according to your specific needs.

These straightforward and user-friendly methods provide flexibility in managing your gate's status, ensuring it stays open when needed without compromising the functionality of the auto-close function. Choose the method that best suits your preferences and requirements for seamless gate control.


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