Why Would You Want a Limit Switch on Your Gate Opener?

Why Would You Want a Limit Switch on Your Gate Opener?

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What is the Limit Switch?

Limit switch is a kind of sensor to detect and control the mechanical movement from exceeding the limit position. It is one of the most commonly employed and important security installation settings on machine equipment, used to restrict the travel of mechanical equipment within a certain working range. You can regulate the moving objects to automatically stop at a certain position or stroke by adjusting the limit switch.

Why is the Limit Switch Important for Gate Opener?

For the automatic gate, a limit switch is absolutely essential for gate safety and functionality. If with no limit switch, when the gate opener starts, the motor will get to rotate and will not stop until it receives a new command or the gate is severely squeezed against the obstacle. In this case, the gate may possibly close over the desired position, derail or even rush out and damage the gate. Even worse, it may also lead to some unnecessary injuries. That is very dangerous.

Limit switches are used to tell a motor when to stop so it won't hit the gate posts or derail. Comes with the adjustable limit switch, you can easily set the opening and closing positions of your gate through it, which can well prevent safety accidents to a large extent and provide added protection.

How Does the Limit Switch Work?

Limit switch is an inexpensive way to create a link between the physical and the electrical domains.

They are available in contact type and non-contact type. TOPENS gate opener is equipped with a magnetic switch, which is one of the most widely used non-contact limit switches in daily life. When the magnet senses the limit switch, the gate opener controller will cut off the power to the motor, which makes it stop spinning. Reliable electromagnetism limit switch is easy to adjust. Controlled by electromagnetic induction, the gate will automatically stop on your desired position with this technology.


Final Thoughts on Limit Switch Benefits

This relatively small component plays a huge part in automatic gate efficiency and safety. It is of reliable operation, high precision, long service life, no mechanical wear, no spark, no noise, and strong vibration resistance. It can not only protect the motor from damage by overwork, but also provide flexible gate opening and closing angles for the user. With the limit switch, your gate opener will be suitable for various occasions and which brings much convenience to your life.

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