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Based on 651 reviews
Replacement Key

Topens customer service is fantastic! I lost my release key for my gate opener and contacted topens to acquire a new one. Laura was super fast and gave great instructions (that part wasnt on amazon) on how to get one. The keys came promptly and just as promised. Well done!

Works Great

Prompt delivery.

Topemos 1100s

It is an excellent motor and easy to install.

Easiest Wi-Fi set up you will ever complete

My old gate didn't have Wi-Fi and everything else in my house does. SO I thought I would give it a try. This is the easiest Wi-Fi setup of any device I have ever used. Works perfectly.

Great new open to replace old wore out one

I had a gate opener that was from the 90s and did extensive research for a gate opener and went with Topens for the options it offered. Straight forward easy to follow instructions. Every thing I needed was in kit. The range on this remote is crazy long about 5 times the distance of my old one.

Great addition to gate assembly

I bought the A5S gate system and wanted to have to option to plug in the gate in the future to charge to batteries. This was easy to add on and ready to got when needed. Mine is in metal box but like the idea of it being weather proof.

Simple wifi control

This may be the easies Wi-Fi device I have ever hooked up and so far has worked flawlessly. Was able to plug into an outlet in master bedroom that is close to gate, programed, and done.


Excellent product.
Everything is included without any defects (from very small size bolts/washers,etc.).
Also the support provided on the products is very attractive.
In terms of ordering, technical support, etc., the explanations provided in a very short time (a few hours) are unique beyond words.
A special thank you to Nancy in the customer support department, you are definitely a great helper.

For Extra Cost Only
Joel Noguera
Exelente customer service

Fast service and shipping "Jessica was so helpful" transaction was smooth and fast. Thank you topens team!

For Extra Cost Only
Parvin Musayev


Heavy Duty Solar Dual Swing Gate Opener

Great but i would love to know how to make the gate open faster because it open very slowly !

Dear Kenneth, thank you so much for your kind review. As for your question, our customer specialist has already emailed you. Please check your mailbox. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. All your concerns will be answered within 24 hours.

Great product

Instructions were easy to follow and materials are heavy duty not cheap flimsy metals. Customer service are great to deal with. We had a little issue with the shipment and they resolved the issue quickly

Does just what I want it to do

Works as specified

The photo sensor is easy to mount. A pre wired (2-3 ft) version with weatherproof design would be even better.

For Extra Cost Only

I just wanted to appreciate the support team that help me out

So far so good since I have adjusted the settings. Laura in Customer Service has been very responsive to my questions. Thanks,

Gift For Activity (Not for Sale)

Excellent product with great customer service

I recently purchased this product. We are very satisfied, it works well. Easy to install. The customer service is superb. Very responsive with detailed instructions.

Have not received it yet?

Dear Doreen, thank you so much for your kind review. As for your question, our customer specialist has already emailed you. Please check your mailbox. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. All your concerns will be answered within 24 hours.

Great Gate

I installed the gate with the rest directions. Programming is minimal and very straight forward.

I bought marine batteries, a little conduit, and a decent battery box, but the rest was provided.

After a few weeks it stopped working and I had an overcharge light on the controller. I live in the desert, so maybe too much sun?

Tech support was responsive and nice. I took my meter out and they had me measure voltages and confirm wiring was right. I still had the warning.

I drained the batteries a bit and reinstalled them, all worked great, for a bit. But the error returned. Tech support sent over tons of articles on things to check, which was overwhelming, given that some was for undercharging.

I decided to just bite the bullet and run power to the unit. All the information that was being sent buried me and wasn’t always relevant to my issue. That’s a nice thing about this motor, it’s versatile on its power sources.

I’ve since bought extra accessories and am connecting the batteries I bought as backup power.

Given the gate company wanted $4000 to install a motor, and I did it for less that $900, I’m very happy.

Since I put the unit on AC, it’s working great. I definitely recommend this motor.

For Extra Cost Only
Martin Forbes
Wonderful service - many thanks!

The TOPENS Extra Cost service was great. I needed an item for my gate setup that wasn't yet available in the UK and using this service to pay for it, they sent it direct from China to me.

Very pleased and grateful for the assistance, highly recommend to anyone else looking to order accessories.

totally pleased with this TOPENS AT12131 Single Swing Gate Opener kit

I was looking for a gate opener. Quotes from local contractors around $5000. This is too expensive for me.
A search on Google resulted in this TOPENS AT12131 Single Swing Gate Opener as the best overall gate opener. Further research help me to get more information so i decided to try this TOPENS AT12131 Single Swing Gate Opener kits.
The TOPENS AT12131 Single Swing Gate Opener kits came very quick, 3 days after ordered from AMAZON (order number 114-8038782-0265017).
As the price for this TOPENS AT12131 Single Swing Gate Opener only about 1/10 of the previously quotes. I was very skeptical at first. But as I followed the installation instructions. The job was completed very fast, w/o any difficulties. The opener has been working very well since installation about 2 weeks ago.
Communications/questions about the opener were replied very quick (2 thumbs up for NANCY).
Strongly recommended - for 1/10 of the cost - you can have a quality gate opener - what do you get to loose.

Key needed

I received my order very quickly. I was disappointed that I had to order an entire “parts package” just to get a release key. Now I have 2 keys that don’t fit my gate 2 keys that do. Brackets that so won’t use and additional nuts and bolts that I won’t use.


After needing our third opener, I stumbled upon this opener from Topens. After emailing a question in to customer service, I received a prompt response from Chloe. I ordered the TOPENS AT6131 SINGLE SWING GATE OPENER, it was packaged very well and received quicker than estimated. Installation was a breeze, using the included instructions. Finally, no more wet or cold to fight with.

Purchase power supply

Great service after sale from Topens , power supply works perfect!